Health Regulations

The Badger Kick-Off Classic Prospect Steer and Heifer Show, presented by the Saddle and Sirloin Club at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, requires the following animal movement and import requirements in compliance with regulations enforced by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Cattle from Wisconsin

  • Premise ID number for where the animal resides.

Out-of-State Cattle

  • A current certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) including one form of official, individual animal ID for all animals (both steers and heifers).
    • Official ID includes the following:
      • USDA metal ear tag number that are part of the National Uniform Eartagging System (NUES) tags (brite tags/silver tags) – Example: 35ABC1234
      • USDA Animal Identification Number tag (includes the visual number and/or RFID) – 15 digit number starting with 840. Make sure all 15 digits are included on tag and any paperwork to be official. These tags should have the US Shield.
      • Please visit for visual examples of acceptable identification.
  • The following are no longer accepted as official ID:
    • Breed association tattoo number
    • Breed association registration number
  • Any other documents or tests to meet Wisconsin’s import requirements. Visit to view import requirements for your state.

Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (ICVI) – Health Papers – REQUIREMENTS:

  • Species of animals
  • Number of animals
  • Purpose of animals movement
  • Address at which animals were loaded for interstate movement
  • Address to which animals are destined
  • Name of consignor and address IF different from address at which animals were loaded
  • Name of consignee and address IF different than animal destination
  • Official identification number
  • Negative TB test results, if applicable

General Notes

  • All out-of-state cattle must have a complete, correct certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) accompanying the animal, including official, individual animal ID.
  • Breed registration numbers and tattoos are no longer official ID.
  • Out-of-state cattle will have health papers checked BEFORE stalled in the Pavilion.
  • TB requirements have recently changed for cattle moving from Indiana, please review this information.
  • Import permits are not required except for animals from TB Modified Accredited zones or states. Go to for the latest information.
  • For questions regarding requirements for out-of-state animals, call Wisconsin DATCP at 608.224.4874

Note: Import requirements are subject to change. Please reference the DATCP website for current information at 

Current as of September 13, 2016