UW-Saddle and Sirloin makes changes to 2014 Badger Kick-Off Classic

Mackenzie Cash, General Chair for the 2014 Badger Kick-Off Classic, announces that the show will be held at a new location, the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI.

Madison, WI (August 5, 2014)- The 2014 Badger Kick-Off Classic will be the 20th show hosted by UW-Saddle and Sirloin. The first show was held at the Stock Pavilion on campus in Madison with around 50 head of cattle. Within a few years the show had caught on so well that the Pavilion no longer was a large enough facility. This is when the move was made to the Wisconsin State Fair Park in West Allis, WI, originally needing only one barn on site to stall cattle.

With the growth in entries over the last 10 years, Saddle and Sirloin has had to increase stalling areas branching out into the double deck barn-first just the lower level and then even filling the upper deck as well. With Alliant Energy Center’s announcement of the New Holland Pavilions construction project, came a decision for the 2014 General Chair, Mackenzie Cash, and General Co-Chair, Alexus Butler. Contract negotiations began in April 2014 and an agreement was reached a few weeks later. The 2014-2016 shows will be held at the Alliant Energy Center in the New Holland Pavilions. 2014 dates are December 5th-7th. In 2015 the dates will be December 4th-6th, 2015. 2016 dates will be December 2nd-4th, 2016.

Pavilion 1, which is 90,000 square feet, will host two show rings, a food court with eating area, an expanded trade show, and heated wash racks. Pavilion 2, which can hold 1800 head of cattle, will be the site of all the cattle stalling. This over doubles the space of cattle stalling for exhibitors. Pavilion 2 also offers easy access for unloading and loading at arrival and departure and easy trailer parking near the facilities. There will also be free parking on grounds.

Saddle and Sirloin hopes that Badger Kick-Off Classic can continue to grow in the New Holland Pavilions and looks forward to working with the Alliant Energy Center and staff. For additional information please contact Mackenzie Cash at or visit